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Thank you for hanging in there with us and checking in daily on the acolorstory Instagram! We hope you love the app as much as we do. The app is free with in-app purchases. Now what are you waiting for?

A Beautiful Mess Photo App

Go to the Google Play store! There will no doubt be some technical issues that crop up for a few of you with all the devices available out there. Please reach out through our support form with any challenges you're running into! The app is only optimized for Android phones, not tablets, and requires Android 4. Best news today!!

Downloaded the app and all the packs right away! Thanks for working so hard on this! I hope android users show you the same amount of love you received from the IOS version. Downloaded the app! Android loves you! Already downloaded it, bought the filter packs, and edited a picture of pizza lol thanks for another great product ABM!

So excited! Now to get back to playing with all the amazing filters…: Super excited for this app though once the kinks are worked out;! I have Android 4. Keeps freezing and locking up on my phone. I have been using it for a while now and LOVE it! Although my mobile is running on Android version 4. I will keep my fingers crossed and try to be patient. Maybe the next update will help. Help please! Oh Boo!

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Might wanna check out the reviews to get a feel for what people want. Most want to pay more up front instead of getting nickel and dimed to death for the entire app. I am beyond ecstatic about the Android Release!! So needless to say, when I found out about your iPhone app I was mildly heartbroken. When I got back to the United States, I was without a phone and because I was moving back, money was really tight. My dad had bought a Galaxy S3 a while back, but with a little persuasion, he decided to give his phone to me since he hardly ever turned the thing on.

So I saw when you had mentioned the Android release. I love all that you guys do. You inspire so many to make life a little more beautiful! Thank you so much! Wow, so many updates! Thanks in advance! The Android release was well worth the wait and iOS 2. What a lovely Thanksgiving Eve surprise! I am SOOO excited. I just want to post and say thank you soooo much for your hard work in getting the app to us Android users also. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Who can beat that? Great job ladies! This is my favorite of all my photography apps! So excited to try out the new features!

Happy Thanksgiving! How can I update it? My droid is also not compatible.

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I emailed the development team, but no response yet……. Just downloaded and took my first photo.

Love the app. Let me be creative in just the way I want with my photos! So glad us android users got the chance to use your amazingly gorgeous app. Now I just have to remember to not go over board with details on my photos. Amy http: Looks pretty cool! This is so exciting! Unfortunately, I am boycotting iOS7 at least for the moment. I loved it! As soon as I found it I instaled on my cell phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Is this only happening on my phone? Currently I only see the final result and if I want to change the font I have to start the text over. Thank you so much for this fantastic update! Tried the collage function for the 1st time this Thanksgiving with an Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie recipe. My blog is turning out to be an ode to A Beautiful Mess app. HELLO your guys. I read the interview of the afterlight app I soo love it. I soo like sooo much like your guys app alsoo!!!

Please make that possible again. SO excited to have an android version. Thanks ladies! Is there any hope that it would be compatible for Android 2 or 3? Great news! I can now update my article about your app! I have been waiting and waiting for this day, but apparently it is not compatible with my Android either. So sad!! Aunt Karin here….. So proud of all of you! See you at Christmasxoxo. I have been waiting and it was so worth it!!

I absolutely love your app but since I updated it I lost all of the extras I had previously purchased Which was all of them. Is there any way to remedy this aside from repurchasing everything I had before? I love this app so much! I just started editing photos and it is so easy to use! I was just curious- will it be available on windows later? Thanks so much for this amazing app! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on rolling out ABM 2.

I know it mustve taken a lot of hard work but the end result is amazing! Keep being awesome and doing awesome things. I do have a question though—for the first time I purchased an upgrade. Thus my question—is each purchase a one time use? Thank you for letting us on the Android platform join in the fun! The app crashes immediately upon opening…… I used this app for weekly photos of my daughter, and had to download something else for her photo yesterday. Please fix for iPhone 4S! When this came out a few months ago I totally wanted it, but I have an android! Just bought it sooo excited!

Soooo excited about the Android release! I downloaded the app and LOVE it!! Thank you for all of the time, effort and creativity that was put into this app!! Elsie actually did that using the collage feature. So just open up the collages and pick the circle layout. Keep up the tremendous work! So excited the Android app is out! Thank you! Please add Verizon Droid Pro!

So sad. Overall love the update, but not happy about the huge text sizes. Any way to fix this? I just downloaded the app today and have had fun playing with it but… there seems to be a glitch. When I clicked purchase on the dainty boarders package I got the phrases1 package. I tried to purchase the dainty boarder package and instead I got the Phrase 1 package. Waiting to hear back from support.

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  7. Would love to see a fix or hear a workaround for this, too. Was easier to add text before the update. Super disappointed with customer service — i.

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    It has a lot more filters and several fake light leak effects. I use it a lot to take the photo and then just upload via instagram. I often find that instagram majorly reduces photo quality: Thank you for this post, I discovered nice new apps! Thank you very much, elsie.. Thank you for addressing this platform. I really admire you for making the effort to include everyone.

    A Color Story Now on Android!!!

    I like the apps lomo camera as well as retouch free not really the same kind of app but useful. Been waiting for a photo like this! Excellent excellent excellent!!! Thank you for this post, I am now downloading sketch n draw to have a play. I have to prove them all! Thanks for this! Oh my, finally! Little photo is an amazing app for android. You can mix how many effects as you like on one photo and even choose how much of the effects you like! Thanks for sharing! Lovely post! Love the filters! The editing apps that you use for your pictures after you take the photo, are you using them on your phone, or are you putting the pictures on your computer and then using them?

    Seems like it would be hard to edit pictures on a phone but I am going to try it in a little while!

    7 Apps Like A Beautiful Mess for Android – Top Apps Like

    Thanks for all the info! I went to magic hour and the stupid thing said it was free but once i dl it it wanted me to purchase everything. Very dissapointing. Free apps should be up here. Val http: Thank you do much for sharing this girls! My droid thanks you! Thanks for sharing it! Just yesterday I bought my first smartphone with android and now you write this article.

    You can check my new DIY: Sarah, what model Android do you have and also how many megapixels is the camera? I have a Droid but the quality of my photos are just awful.. I would love to know what you use to compare! Thank you so much for this post! Another great Android photo app is Pudding Camera, I downloaded it 4 days ago and have taken dozens of photos that I really love using that app combined with Instagram and pixlr-o-matic.

    Thank You So Much!!! I hate how iPhone users get all the cool stuff! So glad we finally get a share of the cool!! Thanks for the heads up about these great apps!! I have a samsung Galaxy S ii. Thanks for the suggestions, I just downloaded a few of them. I love beautiful modern photography…. Definitely check it out! I love all your app reviews. Thanks for thinking of us Android users! I love mixing diffenent effects together from different apps as well.

    Thanks for sharing these apps. Do you have any suggestions for a good editing app to take out red eye? My eyes are always so red and I want to be able to fix them before I share them. Little photo is, by far, my favorite android app. These apps are really helpful for those designers who used to develop the latest mobile applications for latest android smartphones.