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There are also various moderately priced numbers from about 0. Most of these numbers are not reachable from outside France. There are also special 4 digits numbers in the form of 3xxx, for which billing rules can be the ones from any 08xx number, to the provider's choice. The split rule between different premium rate numbers is not clearly defined premium rate information numbers and premium rate entertainment numbers.

Starting 20 December , these have been changed to 09xx numbers, which are dedicated to VoIP. All x numbers have been converted to 09xx numbers by 15 December Dedicated premium-rate lines nowadays begin with the prefix , the infamous prefix having been terminated on December 31, However, some premium services also use lines with the prefix , which is supposedly reserved for planned simultaneous call-in events, such as televoting. Premium numbers in Greece start with general purpose and adult-only services , followed by seven digits. In Hungary, , and followed by six digits are common premium-rate numbers.

SMS -based services can also use short numbers such as and Premium rate numbers begin with the prefix These numbers provide a range of services from weather forecasting to adult dating. Adult type services shall only be provided using the access codes or , with adult services of a sexual nature being restricted to the latter. Adult authentication is required from your network operator to access these numbers. All 15x numbers have officially quoted rates, set by the prefix, although telecom providers can charge an additional fee for carrying the call.

In general the prices increase as the prefix number increases, within the call type range. Comreg is a body which monitors the premium rate services industry in Ireland. Although an independent body, it can impose sanctions, ban advertisements and ban services offered by providers. It is funded by a levy on providers. There are many premium rate numbers, including disabled by default , , , , using different fares. Premium numbers in The Netherlands start with general purpose , erotic entertainment and games and lotteries followed by four or seven digits.

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When one dials such a nulnegenhonderd nummer it is enforced by law that the caller gets informed about the per minute rate. The Opta is the governing body that regulates premium rate services in the Netherlands. Numbers starting with 70, 30 and 40 are reserved for premium-rate services. Other numbers , , , are reserved for future assignments.

There are some other numbers in "shared costs" or "dial-up services" ranges, which are charged at a quite high rates comparable with lower cost premium rates: Effective on December 1, , and numbers are changed into and respectively, freeing up the whole 30x and 40x range for the future assignments non-premium rate.

This change will allow to accumulate all the premium rate services in the range of numbers. Premium numbers are in the xxxxxxxxxxxx range. Currently, only the block is used. Prior to , all numbers starting with 89 were premium rate numbers. Some of those number remain as local premium numbers, and the 02xx89xxxxx block remains reserved.

Note that usually in Russia one needs to dial 8 before the area code, so premium numbers are usually written as xxx-xxxx. In Spain, the charged-at-premium numbers begins with 80 or 90 except the , and , which are free, the which is shared cost, the which is like a provincial call and the which is like a metropolitan call. The most popular prefixes are porn hot-lines and services , also are used and Previously all the numbers starting with 90x except , and were charged at premium rates but the had been moved to , and and the and prefixes were created for Internet dialup services.

All those numbers have 9 digits. In Spain both pay per minute and pay per call billing options are available across the 8 and 9 series range of numbers. Also there are other range for information services weather, white pages, etc Previously was Numbers starting with , and are premium rate numbers. Also numbers beginning on are premium rate numbers for companies that provide phonebook lookup services.

Premium rate numbers in the United Kingdom have a two-part call charge, following regulatory reform in July Numbers starting , along with legacy numbers starting and are reserved for 'adult' services with sexual content.

Denmark Country Code +45

These include:. The various 08 and 09 ranges originate from telephone numbering reform in the late s. Originally 09 numbers were designated as premium rate, with and numbers charged from landlines at rates that mirrored the cost of standard local and national phone calls respectively. Prior to this, a wide mix of prefixes was in use, from the well-recognized and prefixes to others such as and In Armenia , premium numbers start with , followed by six digits.

Due to the number's association with adult services Telkom's dial-up Internet service, Telkomnet Instan at being a major exception premium-rate phone services have come under public scrutiny and regulatory crackdown, most notably in May following rash of spam text messages enticing mobile phone users to dial them. In Japan, premium rate telephone number service was known as "DIAL Q 2 " and began with the prefix followed by six digits. The digit following determined the service class. The prefix was for adult services.

The prefixes and were used for other services.

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To prevent unintentional charges, subscribers may optionally register a four digit password which is then required when accessing a premium rate service. Premium rate numbers start with the prefix followed by 7 or 8 digits. Some consumers do not know that numbers starting with are premium rate numbers because is mistaken for one of long-distance area codes in Korea there are , and They call back when they find that they miss a call to their mobile phones from a number ending up paying for just making a call.

They are used by banks, insurance companies, nationwide restaurant chains, consumer electronics companies, online shopping malls and others for customer service and delivery order. In many cases, customers calling them are charged at a long distance rate without knowing that they are making a long distance call.

International Dialing Codes

Premium rate numbers start with , they usually serves call-in customers but in some cases they will also receive premium rate SMS. In Australia, premium rate numbers generally begin with the prefix 19 , [26] with premium-rate voice services using the prefix x. Of these was the initial prefix and is the most common; since then and have also been allocated. The prefix is specifically reserved for "restricted services", where a user must register with the provider of the service on that number - these can include services of a sexual nature, although this is not the only definition of "restricted".

The prefix is reserved for premium-rate paging services. Other numbers beginning with 19 are generally used for premium rate short message service SMS services on mobile phones. These were originally trialled using the prefix. Previously before the introduction of eight digit numbering , the prefix was used for this purpose, and as a result x numbers are occasionally referred to colloquially as numbers pronounced double-oh, double-five. The first digit of numbers is mainly 9 ; such numbers were converted from the prefix for example, 55 would become In New Zealand, premium-rate telephone numbers begin with The service is used by phone sex companies, phone support services and for donations to charitable organizations.

In Egypt, premium rate numbers begin with the prefix , and for mobile services it uses short numbers to call or to send SMS to 4 digits only. In South Africa, premium rate SMS short codes are four or five digits long, starting with either '3' or '4'. In Iran , premium rate numbers start with the prefix followed by 7 digits. The prefix belongs to services with cost addition of 0. Usually, used in radio stations and dates services.

Some four digit numbers are premium rate numbers. These numbers can only be reached with a mobile phone and are mainly used for contests and sweepstakes. The numbers starting with They are mostly for competitions and winning prizes—adult entertainment ventures are considered immodest and thus illegal in Saudi Arabia. As an alternative to official premium-rate numbers, service operators have been known to use kickbacks from high-rate international call tariffs to charge for their services. In these cases, the calls may never leave the country of origin, even though the number has a country calling code or an NANP area code specifying a country with high incoming call rates.

Since most if not all long distance in the USA is a single rate regardless of terminating exchange for customers but not for long distance companies, as each interconnection agreement is different , these services are "free" for the calling customers. Since these kinds of numbers have confused international jurisdiction , they are also sometimes used for fraud. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the mathematical entity, see number.

For the record producer, see Adam Pallin. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: This article needs to be updated. In particular: Italian phone numbers were revised many years ago. For instance, as of today numbers beginning with 1 are only emergency or service numbers see Telephone numbers in Italy. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. September Universal International Freephone Service is an international service, assigned the country code by the International Telecommunication Union.

The intention is that any customer in the world can dial the same number to reach a business subscribing to a number, and at no charge to the calling party. However, only a limited number of countries yet participate. In order to participate, countries must agree on the amount of revenue they will retain to cover their costs of network transport while still forwarding sufficient revenue to cover the recipient's costs of subscribing.

A few carriers in about 65 countries participate in the UIFN program; [35] free access to the numbers as international calls from mobile and coin telephones is not universal. The number must be activated for inbound calls from at least two telephone country codes within days. UIFS is analogous to intra-national toll free numbers such as service in Canada and the United States, and Freephone services in most other countries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources.

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